Los Teques underground. Workshops and sheds of El Chorrito (Venezuela).

The project has been developed on an 8 ha allotment. It will provide light and deep maintenance services to the maximum fleet expected for lines 1 and 2 of Los Teques underground. This will be of 22 trains Metropolis type (Alstom), 152 m. long.

Workshops and Sheds of Los Pozos.

The project has been developed on a 25 ha allotment. It will provide light and deep maintenance services to the maximum fleet expected for the Raiway Transport System Carcas – Guarenas – Guatire. It will be of 60 EMUs of 120 m. long.


The East (Line 5) Patios and workshops have been foreseen where the long distance bus station is currently placed: Oriente Terminal Station. The approximate surface of this plot will be of 13 ha. The access to the Patio goes in the middle of a tunnel route built from the Warairarepano station. LE1 East Patio and workshop will allow the complementarity of the already installed capacities and will assume the future extensions of the railway network. In this sense the East Patios and workshops will be designed to the maintenance of the whole ALSTROM train fleet, which belongs to the Lines 2, 3 and 5 of the Caracas underground, owning minimum essential equipment for any maintenance contingency of level 2 or 3 in Line 1 CAF trains.


Location and Dimensioning Electrical Substation Line 5 Caracas Underground.

Study of the foreseen operation for the new Line 5 of Caracas Underground. And simulation of the Line’s electrical model and its interactions with the rest of the network.

Dimensioning of Line 5 Principal Substation (69/30 kV) of Caracas Underground. Viability analysis of the different locations and the implantation of the Substation.


Facilities’ Alterations in LAV Madrid – Extremadura Connection LAV Madrid – Seville Main Line 5.

Replacement project of the damaged facilities due to the high-speed train connection Madrid – Extremadura / Portuguese border and high-speed train Madrid – Seville. The connection takes place in Olías del Rey and the damages include: Security systems. Communications and Electrification.
During the writing of the project it has been taken into account all the intermediate stages that will be operating and it has been procured the less possible interfering with the current line functioning.